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UnRestricted Radio began it's journey when a group of music lovers from Kalamazoo/New Jersey decided to make something that no one else thought was possible. We all loved different kinds of music, and thought....why not put them all in one spot!?

So we did.

Many told us it was a horrible idea, it wouldn't work. But at the end of the day, we all knew that music is music. And our playlists are as wide in variety as the items on sale at the B&G! So, why can't a radio station rock the same way?!

We also wanted to keep with our solid ground of discovering new music, new talent. Our station is comprised primarily of just that! Unsigned artist, unheard artists, artists who need a place to be heard and discovered. And being able to listen and find all of these talents people, is one of the BIGGEST work perks EVER.

So, here we are! Our on-air staff are all self-made and self-propelled. They work their butts off and have an amazing level of passion!

We are just a bunch of music-loving goofballs who love what we do!

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