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Familiar, yet fresh country singer, Dan Harrison, lands a spot on UnRestricted!

Dan Harrison and his track "Can't Take You Anywhere" bring a fresh country sound to the airwaves!

Dan’s undeniable vocals and searing guitar chops highlight the captivating melodies and affecting lyrics that characterize his sound. An upbringing filled with multi-genre influences has helped him to develop a musical footprint that is both familiar yet fresh. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Philadelphia, Dan had been singing and learning numerous instruments from a very young age, but it wasn’t until he picked up guitar around age 11 that he felt the call to create his own music. After high school, he had athletic and academic pursuits that brought him to college down in North Carolina, where he was exposed to an entirely new pace of life, and most importantly entirely new sounds. Growing up influenced by classic rock, pop, electric blues, hip-hop and jazz, it was down south that he discovered where his musical path lay ahead. After graduating and working for two years, Dan moved to Nashville in 2018 and hit the ground running, developing a strong network of co-writers and honing his craft as a performer around town, sharing the stage with other major acts like Mitchell Tenpenny, Steve Moakler, Matt Wertz, Brett Kissell, and more. The first single off his debut project, “Nowhere Bar”, was the product of one of his earliest writing sessions in Nashville, and is a story that is reflective of personal experience. Vividly capturing the consequences of unexpected connection wrapped in a high-energy, anthemic package, it is a strong opening statement for an artist just scratching the surface of his sonic potential. Three more singles, “Runnin’ Out Of Radio”, “Georgia Grown” and “Can’t Take You Anywhere” have since followed, and the rest of his debut EP, titled “One For The Road”, is due out later in 2021. Be on the lookout for Dan on the road as well!

Tune in and request his track "Can't Take You Anywhere" TODAY!!

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