Moscow-based Hard Rock Band, Early Grey, hits the UnRestricted airwaves!!

Sergey "Grey" Lisin, pictured above, guitars, bass, music, lyrics.

Marcello Vieira, pictured above, lead vocals.

Dmitriy Kovalev, pictured above, drums.

Early Grey – is a hard rock project formed by Moscow songwriter and guitar player Sergey "Grey" Lisin in 2016. In the same year the band recorded their debut album "Secrets of the Heart" that received a lot of positive reviews around the world. In July of 2017 the band released their second full-length album "Rock for Life" and then the 3rd one "Bound For Glory" in 2019 and the 4th "Doppelganger" in 2020.

The band consists of high-class professional musicians: lead singer Marcello Vieira who played with a lot of different bands and became a very popular and highly wanted session musician. The man behind the drums, Dmitriy Kovalev who worked in different bands with the most popular Russian musicians such as Valeriy Meladze. And the guitarist Sergey “Grey” Lisin, who participated in many different music projects and then became a “songwriting engine” of the Early Grey.

The sound of Early Grey music is based on a combination of heavy guitar riffs, powerful drums, and beautiful and catchy melodies. Combining the strong but lyrical vocals it ensures that once you hear any song of Early Grey, you will be whistling it for a very long time.

Band members used to say that all you need to know about Early Grey is that the most important member of this band is not the singer or guitar player or anybody else. The most important is a melody.

Early Grey unites what everybody loves about the old school rock and music of the modern era. You will probably hear a lot of familiar “voices of the past and present” when listening to their songs. But they also bring on their unique signature in their music which makes it sound like “the voice of the future”.






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