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NEW MUSIC ADD: July and his latest single "Flatline"

On the rise R&B artist July breaks through the conventional mold with his latest single

‘Flatline’. This will be his fourth release, following the success of the previous single

‘Catalina’ which saw praise from several music blogs, Lifoti Magazine championing it as “a

combination of ageless R&B vocals with a modern style”.

July is revolutionising and reinventing the genre, manipulating core R&B motifs and adding

a flair of contemporary to the mix. The strong backbeat oozes that quintessential charm

which R&B is renowned for, the backing vocals are haunting and doused in reverb which

only heightens the atmosphere.

Drawing inspiration from greats such as D’Angelo and Michael Jackson, July hones in on his

irreverent and heart-on-sleeve style of lyrics. From the get-go it’s infectious, with the lyrics

‘nothing didn't phase us / we was gonna rule the world’ , July’s story-like song structure is a

journey that he invites you to join. The minimal percussion is luscious, with uncharacteristic

off-beats adding more dimension into the mix. This also allows more space for the lyrics to

come to the forefront, ultimately displaying July’s vulnerability and personality.

With seamless vocal runs, subtle bass lines and a minimal approach to producing, ‘Flatline’

remains complex whilst also adding a touch of dynamism to the genre.